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The DIY Internet Bootcamp is a short, concise learning course for small business managers who desire all-around understanding of Internet sales concepts in 24 hours. If you are not a DIY, roll-the-sleeves-up, and “get-it-done” manager then DIY Internet Bootcamp is not for you.  Get help with the 50,000 feet perspective from an Internet marketing professional with 20 years of experience.

This is an audio series I recorded to help my friends learn how to leverage the power of the Internet for their businesses.  I kept getting asked the sames questions because everyone seems to struggle with these same topics.  Once I am able to explain things in common sense terms, they say “oh that was easy”.  So hopefully this free audio course will give you some “a-ha” moments of your own!


Your Picasso Masterpiece (Start Here)
The mindset of Internet Website Success

Understanding the technology

Web Hosting and Domains
Basics of hosting/domains, what it’s for

Web Design & Consulting
Where to find designers, how to hire

E-Commerce Advice
Where and how to sell online

Targeted Traffic
Online vs. offline, How to find it

Advertising Services
How to find paying, motivated customers

Affiliate Programs
Use affiliate to generate even more revenue

Computer Software / Computer Hardware
How to take payments

Advanced Education & Training
For taking your Internet skills to another level

Web Development Crash Course
Using Open Source Technologies

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The Web Development Crash Course is a short, concise learning course for those who want to learn how to program HTML, PHP, and MySQL and who have ZERO previous coding experience. So if you’ve been looking for a beginning crash course in programming for the web, this is it!

This used to be part of a full learning course I created called Open Source Degree.  The same home-study course is now being offered here for a fraction of the price.  The old version contained a lot of printed materials whereas this uses the Internet only.  Any study materials or software required for this course are open source software so they are free to use.


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Internet Sales Playbook

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Quick Solutions to Earn Revenues

Web Hosting


DIY SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Adviser Tips & Tactics

Internet Buying & Evaluating