GameMaker Professional HTML5 MMOG Script (PHP/MySQL)


The MMOG Script Engine is set of PHP, MySQL and GameMaker Professional project file scripts that helps developers build MMOGs in HTML5. This MMOG Script Package includes the GameMaker Studio project files, the PHP files, and the MySQL database exports.  All the pieces come with full video instructions on how to use them.

The SoZoSo MMOG Script pack is available for purchase ($149) or is available by special offer for only $7 as a limited-time bonus for those who signup for LMGT free basic membership here.

Technical Requirements

  • You must own Gamemaker Professional with the HTML5 Export Module (so you can edit the project files)
  • You must have a PHP5 and MySQL on a server (so you can host the website and database tables)
  • You must know how to develop using PHP, MySQL, and GML (Game Maker) – you can view installation videos here to see if you can handle it.

Script Features

The MMOG Script works with GameMaker Professional HTML5 games — which allows for the massive multiplayer features (using the PHP5 and MySQL back-end). Here is a list of functions that the scripts provide:

  • Provides a full MMOG videogame template
  • Includes basic registration and username authentication system
  • Uses security tokens for game communication
  • Utilizes PHP5 and MySQL functionality
  • Includes player points and virtual money tracking

Online MMOG Script Demonstration

The source code is deployed on as a virtual gold mining game so you can play the actual source code that you will be receiving.  It is a demonstration of how a HTML5 game created with GameMaker Professional, PHP5, and MySQL can be used to create a multiplayer game online.


Testing the Demo

To test the game engine, here’s the entire MMOG script in action as a virtual gold mining game.  It can obviously be adapted per your own development efforts.SoZoSo Road You will be allowed to create a new account and login using that account.  Currently the platform allows for usernames or emails as the username.  This gold mining game has been developed to offer the normal intro screens and login areas for display so you can see the scripts before purchasing them.  If you look at the possibilities that a set of scripts like this provides — it truly extends GameMaker into the HTML5 interactive world that all GameMaker developers are looking for.



Why Buy This GM MMOG Script?

I had a dream of building an online massive multiplayer game with GameMaker and HTML5, but unfortunately, there weren’t too many scripts available to do this, so I had to create my own.  This is the culmination of around 1,000 hours of work.  I know that it’s not perfect, but if you need a reliable way to connect your games to MySQL using PHP, this may be perfect for you.  If you want to roll out your own MMOG in HTML5 (which is hot right now), then get this script!

Buy the Source Code

You can get the script for only $7 if you join my game developer mailing list for LMGT (it’s free too).  

Here’s the link:

Special Offer You must be a more advanced user of GameMaker Professional to use these scripts.  Check out the installation videos to gauge your expertise level.  You must also have a web server (host) that can run PHP5 and MySQL.  If you’ve never worked with GML, PHP, and MySQL, then this might not be for you…

Terms & Conditions

If you decide to purchase the license and source code, you have the right to build your own personal and commercial games using it.  However, you do not have the right to resell the scripts or the source code itself of the MMOG scripts or your own game if you include the scripts.  Any other third-parties like Gamemaker Professional, PHP, and MySQL, I do not take any responsibility for.  If you would like to resell the MMOG Script source code, please contact us.


Send me an email if you have questions, concerns, feedback, etc…

$7 or Full Price? YOUR CHOICE

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